Camelid Services

Green Valley Veterinary can provide a full range of care for your llamas and alpacas.  Dr Thibeault has over 17 years experience working with these species.  Whether you have a herd of 2 or 50, we can help you with all aspects of care and management.  We have plasma on-hand for ill crias.  We have done "castration parties" to help take lower quality males out of the gene pool. 

Many of our clients are active in the show circuit, so we are well versed in testing requirements and proper completion of Certificates of Veterinary Inspection, to get you to and from your destination with as little fuss as possible.  Visit our Links page under "Recommended Products and Companies" to see some of our clients' farms.

Dr Thibeault has completed a Camelidynamics handling and behavior course, and provides medical advice on their website.  The link is below.  Dr Thibeault also works closely with specialists all over the country to help solve the more challenging cases that he encounters.

 American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners: