Bovine Services

We specialize in smaller hobby farms and backyard bovine pets.  Your cows will be treated as individuals.  Dr Thibeault has many fond memories of time spent at his Uncle's dairy farm, so cows have a special place in his heart. 

We work hard to provide effective treatments, using the latest drugs that modern medicine can offer, combined with the "old farm remedies"  learned from a lifetime of working with farmers.  Strict attention is paid to what medications are legal and appropriate for a food-producing animal.

Many of our clients are active in 4-H or other show enterprises.  We are experienced in working with you to make sure all State, Federal, and individual event regulations are followed, to make that process as smooth as possible.   

Herd Health programs can be customized to fit the particular needs of your farm.  We can advise on nutrition, breeding, mastitis control, vaccinations, hoof health, housing design, and parasite management.

  American Association of Bovine Practitioners: