Equine Services

Green Valley Veterinary provides routine medical and surgical care for your equine friends.  The emphasis is on preventive care, nutrition, and proper management, to minimize disease, and maximize long-life and fun.  We have a very cooperative approach, to work with you as the owner to determine what is best for your horse medically, and you financially.  Dr Thibeault is open to discuss critical vaccines as well as vaccine options.  A vaccine discussion can be found at the American Association of Equine Practitioners link found below.  Dr Thibeault will also help you sort through the wide assortment of supplements available for any number of conditions and indications.

Dr Thibeault takes the time needed to let your horse get comfortable with him, which typically makes for a more pleasant experience for everyone.  It is a double-edged sword to be known as someone who can handle difficult horses.  It's usually just a matter of patience.

We offer digital Coggins reports and Certificates of Veterinary Inspection through the Global Vet Link system.

Equine Information:

Horses tend to into more than their fair share of trouble. Evaluating the following Parameters and being able to relay the information over the phone can help in evaluating how critical your situation is

  • Normal Temperature- taken rectally, 99-100.5
  • Normal Heart Rate- ranges from 28-40 beats per minute, practice taking the heart rate in calm times and know your horse's normal rate.
  • Mucous Membrane color, and Capillary Refill Time- check the gums for their color, and for how quickly color returns after you press on the gums then remove the pressure
  • Respiratory Rate- breaths per minute, count them for 30 seconds and multiple by 2, normal is 10-14 per minute.
  • Also note- heat in hooves, swelling, appetite, water intake, and general attitude. 

 American Association of Equine Practitioners: www.aaep.org