Small Animal Services

Dr Thibeault can provide routine care for your dog or cat at your home.  Most commonly this is done for animals that are terrified of traveling, or for clients with difficulty getting to a small animal hospital.  You will be referred to a small animal hospital for services such as surgery, dental cleaning, or diagnosing and treating an illness. 
Dr Thibeault's focus is on proper nutrition and management to maximize your pet's health to minimize disease.

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At Home Euthanasia

"Dear Dr.Thibeault,
Thank you for the care and compassion you gave our beloved Katie. She knew that you were there to help her in the comfort of her own home. And we were so blessed to find the best vet to help us through this painful process and even though it was late at night the night before Christmas Eve you never tried to rush our decision. You should be proud in knowing that you provide an amazing service to the animal world.

We will recommend you highly to anyone in need of outstanding care.

With the utmost sincerity and gratitude,

Diane and John Kenenski"

When the time comes to make this difficult decision, Dr Thibeault can provide information to aid you in this process.  When you decide that the time is right, your pet's final moments can be spent in the comfort of their own home.  Their anxiety and pain are often minimized if they are able to stay home.  You as their caretaker can grieve in private, and do not need to drive during such a highly emotional time.

The procedure is done with utmost attention to the comfort of the patient.  Everything is done to minimize pain and stress.

Green Valley Veterinary uses the services of Final Gift Pet Memorial Services, and can take your animal's body, arranging for individual or communal cremation depending on your preference.  You are certainly also free to bury your pet in accordance with local laws.: 

Please feel free to call to discuss your particular pet's situation.  We are typically able to provide euthanasia services on the day we are called, if necessary.

Euthanasia Consent Form

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